The Moslems I Know – A Reminiscence Of The Past And Present By James Aseidu Kainyah


Moslems are such lovely people depending on how you receive and treat them. In Ghana Our forefathers misunderstood their humility, submissiveness, and preparedness to take any job to survive as their weakness. Because they are reliable and trustworthy, they dominated in the home security service better known as Watchmen .

When Christians were afraid of their wealth, businesses, farms even their childrens’ security, they relied mostly on our northern Moslem fathers even up to date. They still dominate in all our national security services.

Their hard work has seen them rise to higher ranks within the services and all other institutions they chose to serve mother Ghana just as the Christians.

Moslems are agreeably very hard working people. Some of our fathers over abused them and tagged them as ‘Ntafuo’ who don’t understand anybody apart from their own. When some of our fathers later came to understand them they then came out  with this proverb ” S3  wop3 ntani abu no kwasia nna Woa ama kwan aa, wose onte asem ase”. To wit, ” if you want to cheat a Northerner (Moslem) and he disagrees with you, you then turn to say he is difficult to understand issues except among themselves. They saw all Northerners as Moslems as of today. Not forgetting there are Northern Christians who possess same hardworking characters too .

And this where my appreciation plays. I was born in Kumasi Asawase. A Moslem community with much love and care. In fact they impacted my childhood days positively. Changing every narrative I know that seeks to place limitations on Moslems capabilities and leadership competence.

Who said Moslems cannot be good leaders? Look at the Moslem states like Saudi Arabia , the  Emirates, Morocco etc. Moslem astute clerical personality like Shaike Asharebutu. How he and others have helped our Christian Clerics to maintain peace in Ghana.

I believe all humans are special and deserve the opportunity to display their human rights and resources to impact our race. The Bible says in Matthew 5:9 that “Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of God.”
The bible did not say only Christians shall be called the sons of God but anybody who promote and proclaim peace.

Every son of God has the right to aspire to be great in the sight of our God in whose hands we are mere tools. Don’t let us divide ourselves with religion. We have both Christians and Moslems mixed up in our secondary and tertiary institutions in peace. We have Moslems and Christians heading these institutions without limits and this is what is shaping Ghana into a peaceful cohabitation now and the future. I believe no man should be denied the opportunity to lead because of race nor religion.

Long live Ghana. Shallom

The writer, James Aseidu Kainyah is an astute Ghanaian business man, a philanthropist and a Sports administrator.

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