The Political Parties In Ghana Make History But They Don’t Learn From History- Political Science Lecturer Of UCC


Dr Kingsley Nyarko a political science lecturer At the University of CapeCoast (UCC) has stated that Political parties in Ghana don’t learn from history but focus on making history for themselves and winning power.

According to Dr Kingsley in an exclusive interview with Wontumi TV/ Radio morning show He said such act from the political parties is not good enough in helping the democracy. He said “The political parties make history but they don’t learn from history because if it was to be another country we would have talked about it on what’s going on currently in the country” said Dr Kingsley Nyarko .

He added that “What’s going on is not really good because in Democracy as to how the the Constitution is stated in every 4years there will be Election. There are some elements in Democracy which bring out bad results but in Democracy justice prevail and demonstration is allowed”.

Dr Kingsley Nyarko also started that those who feel they are cheated in the December 7 General Election polls have the appropriate place to channel their claims for Justice in which he said
“Those who think they are cheated should take note of the right procedure to deal with it . The peace council and civil service organization and other organizations that marters should continue to talk to John Dramani Mahama because we are being observe by the international organization. We should not look at just the Election but know that we are part of the world image” said Dr Kingsley Nyarko.

Dr Nyarko the Political Science Lecturer added that politics in Ghana have gone down deeply into the workforce in the country which make other people loose their jobs and the vice versa. He said “We should look beyond symptoms to the cause rather. If NDC was to win the election alot of people would have loose their jobs and appointments and the vice versa to NPP because I have noticed when I returned from overseas that there are new faces in some areas in the workforce in the country. Ghana as a nation we have politicize our workforce in all areas which is not really helping Ghana as a nation”

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