Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has been drawn on the line to take part in the world climate change summit which is scheduled to 2021. With his name being part of the summit, he has shared a few thoughts concerning his view on such matters.


The world cannot just make “changes at the margins” and both companies and governments must address their “burden to act” on climate change, Apple’s Tim Cook will tell a major summit.


Tim Cook will be one of the small non – governmental organisations to address the UN’s Climate Action Summit. This summit will aim at setting out priorities and ambitions ahead of the COP 26 conference being held in the UK next year.


According to a post on Independent,,it is known that not all countries will take part in this summit, especially that of Australia. This country is known for failing to obey all the environmental pledges it made. 


Mr Cook will say that Apple did not “take our presence in this group lightly” and that it wears it “as a badge of duty”.


“At this moment of historic urgency, every leader — of nations, of companies and of communities — has a particular burden to act,” he will say in prepared remarks.


The chief executive officer will mainly address the company’s work on making all its corporate operations entirely carbon neutral, i.e. hitting net zero carbon emissions and making its commitment in making all its companies carbon neutral by 2030.


He will also make the new announcement that it is helping 95 of its suppliers transition to fully renewable energy, and that it is continuing to grow that number. It has already increased since September, when Apple said that it was working with 72 suppliers.


The matter of climate change is very important as we all know how the various tech giants are playing their roles in achieving great ambitions for it. Our hope is that the world climate will not have a great negative impact on technology and its use.


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The Independent.

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