Final Exit for Adobe Flash Player confirmed.


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Capable of exciting audiences with multimedia contents, executing rich internet applications and streaming audio and video, the variety of impactful Adobe Flash Player has now been cut off by Adobe.

The software company Adobe has now said that it has stopped supporting and updating it’s Flash Player on 1st January. The company also urged all users to uninstall the Adobe Flash before it blocked all its contents. This will take effect by 12 January.

Adobe Flash player was first unlocked on January 1,1996 as licensed to be a freeware. It’s content played a fundamental contribution to the internet. It was instrumental in allowing content creators to make and share animations and games that could be downloaded quickly via dialup internet connection. The software was also able to help early versions of YouTube to stream videos in high quality.

Great success comes with heavy burdens, Adobe Flash upon all success was plagued with security concerns. Also, the freeware struggled to keep up as internet technology developed. Users of the app had no option but to migrate from using it. The app started losing in 2014 when HTML5 came to the scene with specular content. The program provided many functions which were equivalent to what Adobe Flash provided but didn’t bind users to install a specific plug-in.

The fame and popularity started erasing.  A lot of Chrome users with the approximation of 80% visited flash sites in 2017, there was a significant drop to 17% as announced by Google. Social Media giants like YouTube, Facebook and even Netflix stopped using the Flash’s service. The great omen was too heavy to bear so the company announced it will discontinue the app.

Most people who were familiar with the app in the early stages of the Internet would mourn for it, mixed reactions blew up the internet as people and fans of the app started commenting.

As the internet says goodbye to the app, we are sure to see a better replacement for it.

Source: Sky news.

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