Volkswagen to stopped making Beetle cars. Here’s Why?



Volkswagen, a brand that arose from the darkest side of the Nazis empire, and managed to hit the world with their fantastic cars. 


Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most recognizable cars ever made. In its 81-year run, the quirky car sold over 23 million units and left tread marks on 91 countries worldwide.


Unfortunately, the brand has officially made its last Beetle. Wonder why?


Volkswagen had its name way back in the 1930s, remember Adolf Hitler. Hitler, a Nazi dictator who is widely know for his hatred for the Jewish community, the dictator who has always seek the downfall of his enemies. This wicked dictator we popularly know became the resourceful person behind the reality of Volkswagen. The Nazi dictator wanted a car that the general public could afford.Out of all the ideas the Nazis had, it’s the one non-terrible idea because a cheap car for everybody is sort of the thing that the Model T was in America and the Mini was in the UK.


One of his party members,  Ferdinand Porsche was the brain behind the design of Volkswagen Beetle cars. 

Ferdinand Porsche with Nazis members examining the Beetle car design.

The German “Volk” simply translates “the people”, so in a whole Volkswagen means “the people’s car.”


The first ever Volkswagen made was a  two-door car with an air-cooled engine in the back. Production began in Wolfsburg, Germany, in 1938. But when World War 2 began, production stopped, however the one the company was making were purposely produced for military usage. Adolf Hitler himself drove one in a convertible mode. After the war, the British took over the factory, and within the first year, they’d produced 10,000 Beetles, because it filled the demand for cheap and practical cars across war-torn Europe.

What made the Beetle car less expensive was the curved design which made the metal sheet to be used less plus it was good on gas. The car took a lot of man power to manufacture. The Volkswagen made a massive success when it made its debut in the United States with greater sales. Though there were luxury cars then era, the Beetle car with different design and layout made it stand tall among them. People became interested and this boosted their sales. Not only was it cute, it was durable.


The Beetle’s engine was designed to be low-revving. You could drive it flat-out all day and it’s not gonna kill it. This made it very difficult for carmakers to have a sale in America. With such a big sale in America, Bill Bernbach, the advertiser, must be appreciated, his campaign highlighted the Beetle’s oddball features as its strengths during his 1954 revolution. His campaign was so successful that it was able to push their sales to 52% while other imported cars sales dropped to 27% in America.


Moving fast from history,  a new Volkswagen Beetle in 1967 came in at $1,600, about 12 grand in today’s money. A Ford Mustang would’ve cost you about $2,700, or about $20,600 today.  


In the year 2015, Volkswagen Beetle got messed up in a scandal. The exposè was how VW cheated on emission tests on their diesel models, including the Beetle. The company compensated $30billion for the settlement of the case in 2018. 

This scandal broke the trust the people had in the product. If one thing Beetle is known for it is “trust.” The Beetle car catered for the needs of most Americans,  it took millions and millions of families to school across America, to Woodstock, on and on.


In 2018, their sales dropped to 4%. With such a name it has carried since manufacturing its first product, it was able to sell new cars. Getting close to 2018, Volkswagen announced it was ending production of its storied car. 


The final 2019 Beetle rolled off the line in Puebla, Mexico, in July 2019. After eight decades, worldwide success, and arguably legendary status, has the Volkswagen Beetle really hit the end of the road?



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