Samsung is set to launch a new smartphone this 14th January.


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The tech giant in mobile production, Samsung has officially announced its latest smartphones. Some mobile analysts have called out their latest to be Galaxy S21, S21 plus, and S21 Ultra.

Prior to the release, Samsung titled it “Welcome to the Everyday Epic”, with the concept of this smartphone being a huge breakout in modern technology, rumors say that this new model from Samsung will be the same standard set out by Galaxy S20 device, saying that the only difference is the size. According to analysis, it has been suggested that S21 smartphones will have 6.2 inch and 6.7 inch screen sizes.

According to the Independent, all devices are expected to have at least three cameras, with a potential five camera array on the S21 Ultra; two 12MP lenses are expected alongside a 64MP telephoto lens for the S21 and S21 Plus devices, while the Ultra could have a 108MP main sensor instead. These are speculations as determined by people, but as to what Samsung has for us is not yet out.

The “Galaxy Upack” is supposedly to have a total of 84GB RAM with 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. On the side of versions, since the latest version of Android 11 is slowly jamming the street with their powerful features, this is likely to see the Android 11 update actively working on their latest Galaxy. 

Bear in mind that Samsung’s announcement did not reveal much new information about the actual phones, but many possible specifications for the new devices have leaked already.

Source: The Independent.

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