Could This Be True About Patapaa’s Marriage.


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The Swedru hitzmaker of the song  scopatumana, Patapaa is married last weekend (January 2, 2021), to his lover Liha Miller, who is now Mrs Amoah. Their marriage has since raised issues of concern to the public.

Queen Weezy in an exclusive interview said she think the Ex boyfriend Patapaa has marry Liha for his own selfish interest. She said, he married her because he wants to travel and live abroad.

Dj slim also think that there is a possibility of Patapaa’s wife being a CIA or FBI agent planted to marry him just to find out how he was able to record a song as useless as ‘One Corner’— the very cacophony that shot him to fame.

However, the lovers story is still the same. Liha says she love her husband till death do them part and knows that the husband also feels same.

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