Hyundai to partner with Apple in making Apple’s Electric Car


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Later in 2020, we got the rumor that Tim Cook’s Apple will engage in making electric cars, as true as it was, many still wonder if it was so.

Apple into car production isn’t recent but has rife over the Internet for the past years but nothing solid has been materialized yet.

A new update shows that this time we might get some good news. Hyundai Motors has recently announced that it is in an early-stage talk with Apple for such innovation.

According to Korea Economic Daily, it cited that Apple is reportedly negotiating a deal with Hyundai that could result in a partnership with South Korean automaker Hyundai on an electric vehicle and specialized battery technology. This new deal could result in fulfilling the dream of Apple rumored car.

In accordance with the deal, Hyundai’s major role is to develop the vehicle’s custom battery solution. This project is likely to be handed over to Hyundai or Kia factories based in the United States. Apple has been working on a branded car, referred to internally as Project Titan, since at least 2014. The initiative was thought to have been put on ice in 2016, with work reorganized toward the development of self-driving systems instead of a full-fledged vehicle. More recently, however, reports indicate that Apple has circled back to its original plans.

Hyundai Motors has released a statement which proves that indeed they are in talks with Apple. In an interview at CNBC, the company said, “We understand that Apple is in discussion with a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor. As the discussion is at its early stage, nothing has been decided.”

Source: Apple Insider

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