Fire Safety Precautions


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The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) is one of the Agencies under the Ministry of the Interior. The Service was re-established by an Act of Parliament in 1997, Ghana National Fire Service Act, 1997, Act 537. The objective of the Service is to prevent and manage undesired fire. Under the strategic objectives of the mother ministry, The Ghana National Fire Service is required to provide adequate protection of life and property and sensitize and provide technical assistance and advice to schools, markets, MMDAs, lorry parks and other institutions nationwide on fire safety measures. The major programme and project assigned to the Service is Fire Management, Rescue and Extrication services.  

One of the core mandate of the GNFS is to organize public education programmes to create and sustain awareness of hazards of fire; and heighten the role of the individual in the prevention of fire and provide technical advice for building plans in respect of machinery and structural layouts to facilitate escape from fire rescue operations and fire management.

In an interview with the acting Regional PRO of the GNFS for the northern region at Filla fm, Mr Gbanzaba said they have put a lot of measures in place to safe guard properties of the people in Tamale and its surrounding during this harmattan period. There is sensitization on ongoing in the market especially to help reduce the number of fire cases this year. Last year we had 302 fire cases, however we hope to reduce it drastically he said. Therefore we are also working hard to increase the number of fire stations we have in the region to be able to respond to the needs of the people as soon as possible.

He again said, the greatest challenge when it comes to executing their duties is the community members interruption , wrong direction and no direct access to the house when they arrive at scene. He made it clear from his speech that, there is no charge for extinguishing fire so members should not fear to report fire cases to the station and anyone found charging victims should be reported to the appropriate authorities.

He then advised the general public to have  early warning devices such as risers and sprinklers in their building, get a fire fighting gadgets like fire extinguisher, seek for fire training, inform them early when there is fire outbreak and allow the fire personnel to do their work when at the scene. He added that victims should evacuate their kids from the house and close the doors and windows to avoid more oxygen or air into the fire.

Let us all remember we are in the dry season and take all preventive measures to avoid fire outbreak in our homes, offices and the market. Thank you.

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