Mercedes-Benz debut its latest “Hyperscreen”


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This week has been an exciting week of trending topics on cars. We have had a  share of how Telsa is expanding its territory, Hyundai partnering with Apple to commence the production of ‘Apple Car’. Well, how about we end it with the latest hyperscreen  from Mercedes Benz.

Ahead of CES, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its enormous Hyperscreen. It’s a 56-inch curved touchscreen that takes up almost the entire width of a car dashboard, soon to debut in the company’s EQS electric sedan, coming later this year. The Hyperscreen serves as an optional part of the company’s upcoming electric car. The 56-inch curved touchscreen is very equipped with OLED screen and voice controlled MBUX ( Mercedes Benz User Experience ) software that has the ability to learn and adapts to user (driver) behaviour. It’s like a digital assistant that makes suggestions for vehicle functions and entertainment choices using artificial intelligence.

The Hyperscreen has at least three touch screen embedded; the first screen appears to be instrument cluster behind the steering column, also another displayed screen is central infotainment screen, and an additional screen facing the front passenger. 

The panel extends from the left front pillar to the right and has multiple OLED displays under a single glass. It is so huge that the engineers even had to build in ventilation deflectors.

Source: The Verge

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