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A man of about 50 years old was allegedly arrested for kidnapping 15 children as he was transporting them from Zabzugu to Kumasi in Tamale metropolis.

The man when arrested said, the parents of these children who are 10 years and below had asked him to send the children to Kumasi to go and work.

In attempt to interrogate these children, we find out that they couldn’t speak any other language either than konkomba which made it difficult to communicate with them. Though these children are schooling but can’t speak English either.

The man together with the children were taken to the police custody at the Tamale Central Police Station for further investigation.
Following up on the story, I was told the man is innocent of the accusation and has been released but the children are still held at the police custody waiting for their parents to come. I was told that the parents of these children has been called to report at the police station. Are the police just calling the parents to come for their children or they will be penalized? We await their actions and inactions.

Dear parents, it is not the responsibility of the child to work and feed the family. Stop trafficking and abusing your children. Why do you allow your children to go through the worse situations you have been through.
Remember, there are laws backing the child’s right. If we advice you but you refuse to, then be assured that some of us are ready to take you on. We will ensure that you face the law in a way deserving you.

Stop child labour now!

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