Elmina Sharks vs Hearts Of Oak GPL 20/21 Tactical Analysis


Another day in the GPL! Welcome to the tactical read of the match-up between Hearts Of Oak and Elmina Sharks. It ended in a stalemate so we look at the footballing science behind what we beheld.


Elmina Sharks predominantly used long balls to create goal scoring opportunities. You would know that their offensive line had a relative height problem with that of the Hearts of Oak three-back defensive line. That made their tactical approach easy to deal with. They did score alright but that came from a failed aerial ball clearance from the Hearts of Oak defender. They sat back after that early lead in hopes of generating counter-attacking threats. They had many failed crosses from the same reasons defined from the outset. They tried attacking through the middle but that didn’t work either ,it only drew fouls in those areas which as always failed to produce anything.


Hearts of Oak played very purposeful football. They had a clear plan of attack which involved some vertical passes into the half space and use of the flanks for crosses. They only attempted crosses where necessary and primarily used the half spaces very well. One sequence led  to a goal; a ball from the half space to the flanks and again to a player just in front of the 18 yard box and back to the flanks and subsequently a cross that led to their goal. This was seen quite frequently through-out the game and one move again drew a possible penalty that failed to stand.


Both teams were clear about their intentions to win the game and gave the spectators some good football. Hearts did well and could have won the game if they were more clinical. Nothing can really be said about Sharks and their relative height in offense. Maybe a better approach to wining the relative height battle for the fans.

NB: If you noticed anything that I missed ,feel free to let me know in the comments section.

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