Meet Alfred Olajide, the new Managing Director of Coca – Cola Nigeria.


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Alfred Olajide has been appointed as Coca – Cola Vice President and Managing Director at Coca-Cola operations in Nigeria to help aid the company’s effort to implement “significant changes” to the structure of its workforce to drive more growth and prioritise a portfolio of its strongest.

Olajide has been popularly known in the world of business especially in Africa. The man has played a lot of roles in African business. Such include:Franchise Director for Cluster Markets in the Southern and Eastern Africa Region, Director of Revenue Growth Management in the East and Central Africa Region, and Strategy Head for Nigeria Franchise.

Alfred Olajide fits perfectly for the position since he has over 9 years of experience in Coca-Cola business in Nigeria. Alfred is set to deliver on the company’s “emerging stronger” global strategy.

Alfred Olajide has promised the corporates that he will do everything possible to enlarge the market space of Coca-Cola in Nigerian Business. 

 “These are very exciting times for the global Coca-Cola business, and I look forward to contributing my own quota to a business I love so much, especially at such an interesting time as this. Nigeria is a huge market, and I am optimistic about the growth we can achieve together with our bottling partners”.

Source: Business Insider.

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