Take a Moment To Read And Support Our Brother


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This year, we are going to be helping ourselves a lot. Don’t stay out.

I heard the story of Mr Abdul Aziz, a 26-year-old visually impaired who is able to weave camp beds, centre table and poolside beds in Bawku, despite his situation. I asked my sister to contact him and indeed he is a wonder to behold. If you watch the video, it is a mystery how he combines the colours and weaves this seamlessly.

Abdul Aziz is a former student of the Bawku school for the blind and proceeded to get his NVTI Certificate. But now he needs our support. To open and operate his own shop.

He says he can make at least 20 beds a week if he opens a shop. At the moment, he makes 2, which he sells at 200-250 cedis per bed. He currently works from the small porch of his single room. Now he needs out support to open his shop. Pls anything on this momo# 0244404243 (Zenabu Salifu).

Importantly, he needs buyers for the camp beds, centre table and can make pool side beds for hotels & resorts. All his items are portable that is, can be folded and easily transported anywhere.

Anything to help our determined brother. Thank you. Momo is 0244404243 (Zenabu Salifu)

Credit: Sadick Adams

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