Love Matters


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From all indications, it looks like broken heart is on the rise irrespective of the fact that lovers swear that they will remain loyal to each other. But the reality is far different from what the partners profess with their lips to themselves. Is just few weeks in 2021 yet there are numerous record of broken heart stories.
Some of the victims cries, others do a lot of silly things to make them forget their pain. But the truth is whether you are broken hearted or not life must still go on.
Consider the many people who care for you and wish to see you happy before you think of hurting yourself.

You are one of a kind and you only have you before any other thing. Remember if you don’t exist, there is nothing you can get. Life is worth living in joy and peace. You only give what you have, find that peace and love for yourself so you can give to the people who deserves it.

Again, don’t be too happy because someone said he or she loves you. Think of how far that person can love you. Understand that no one can love you more than you love yourself as the scripture says love your neighbor as yourself.
Thank you…

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