Telegram hits 500 million active users within 72 hours


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Telegram has confirmed a total of 25 million add up within the past 3 days (72 hours) alone making a total of over 500 million active users worldwide and still counting.

“Thank you!” the company says. Having made it possible for them to hit such a number.

“These milestones were made possible by users like you who invite their friends to Telegram,” the social media platform expressed their gratitude.

“If you have contacts that joined in the last few days, you can welcome them using one of Telegram’s unique features such as an animated stocker or video message.”

This sudden spark of added users was as a result of WhatsApp controversial decision to update their terms of services and privacy policy. Since that incident, WhatsApp users have dropped dramatically and have decided to switch to the two major trending social applications; Signal and Telegram. 

Telegram on Wednesday sent a thankful message to all its users across worldwide telling them to use their new feature to welcome their loved ones to Telegram. The now widely used messaging app has over the last 7 years protected the private data of its users all over the world.

Telegram boasts of its ability of redefining what a messaging app can do. One of the greatest features that has made Telegram a good messaging app and has attracted many users is its ability to send documents or videos up to 2GB.

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