YouTube takes part in banning Trump’s channel.


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YouTube has temporarily banned President Donald Trump’s channel from posting for seven days. The company cited in a statement that the channel that hosts President Trump’s videos have violated policies and that comments underneath the video will also be removed.

In a statement to CNN, a YouTube spokesperson stated that , “After careful review, and in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, we removed the new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump channel and issued a strike for violating our policies for inciting violence. As a result, in accordance with our long-standing strikes system, the channel is now prevented from uploading new videos or live streams for a minimum of seven days—which may be extended.”

This move was as a result of the aftermath of the US Capitol riot, saying how there have been violence attacks online and to combat misinformation. Ever since the violence attack, the internet most especially the social media platforms like Facebook has removed Trump’s account likewise Twitter who has tightened its policies and terms. Parler, a media platform that housed major Trump supporters has also been removed from Apple, Google and Amazon Web Services ( AWS ). 

Trump, who has challenged the validity of Biden’s victory without producing evidence, initially praised his supporters but later condemned the violence.

Source: The Guardian.

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