FDA Disagree With Importation Of Unregistered Products.


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The Food And Drugs Boards Authority (FDA) has noted with grave concern the rate at which some importers continue to import into the Country, product that do not conform to the registration which ultimately finds their way to the market and pose a potential health hazard to unsuspecting consumers.

A Statement Signed By The DCEO, Health Products And Technologies Division, Mr. SETH K. SEANEKE, Made this announcement also indicated that, The FDA from march 2020 revised it’s registration fees and process to make registration easy and user friendly for all importers of product that continue to arrive in the Country without meeting the proper requirement.

“All importers are by this release notified that no unregistered imports would be allowed for clearance at the ports by February 1st, 2021.” The statement added.

It’s However Say’s, Failure to adhere to this notice will attract sanctions in the form of fines and imprisonment. The authority wishes to assure the general public that it remains committed to protect the health and safety of consumers.

The Statement Say’s, “The public is advised to report any suspicious activities on FDA regulated product to the Authority via any of our platforms.”

FDA To Be Vigilant For Importation Of Unregistered Products.

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