Takoradi Central Church of Christ donates to save babies…


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Today, by the grace of the Lord, the Takoradi Central church of Christ was able to donate 4 CONTINUOUS POSITIVE AIRWAY PRESSURE ( CPAP) machines and 800 pieces of children Oxygen Masks at the cost of more than Ghc 40, 000 to 3 Hospitals namely: Kmintsim, Effiankwanta and Essikado all in the Sekondi Takoradi metropolis.

According to the Hospital sources the absence of these machines have resulted in many deaths especially amongst newly born babies. It was therefore a joy for us to raise the funds from church coffers and individuals when we were prompted by Sister Marian Korang, a midwife at the Kmintsim Hospital. Even though they requested for one machine we were able to provide four hence our ability to be in the position to help 2 other Hospitals.

When we post such important benevolent acts here some brethren are quick to chastise us for doing that. However, the purpose for publicizing it is always explained.
One, many Hospitals need more of these life saving machines and our donation is an example to other churches to follow suit as one congregation or individual can not provide it all. And, two we do not hide these public donations as they give glory to the Christ of the church…..Mattew 5: 14-16. We are therefore not showing off when we post these acts publicly. That is not our intention.

The arguments from Matthew 6:1-2 is flawed because it is talking about person to person benevolence as oppose to the public ones for special purposes. That is why the healings and feedings of Christ as well as the benevolence of the church to the brethren in Judea ( Acts 11:27-30) are all recorded in the scriptures for examples and learning.

The bottom line here is; let us stop the unnecessary criticisms and rather be ready to help our society even as Christ did during His personal ministry. The Latin would say; FACTOR NON VERBA!

Church funds are for God’s work, not business. This, the Takoradi church has found out from the scriptures and it is working miracles.

Think about the joy and satisfaction that come with the provision of these machines and masks that will impact positively on the lives of the innocent new born babies! Is that not what the Lord is expecting His church to do?

Would the Lord not bless and replenish all those who contributed towards the purchase of these machines to SAVE lives? Let us always think about Giving, giving, giving in the Name of Christ.
Church leaders should be transparent and use the Lord’s monies judiciously especially when it has to do with life and death.
Give and it will be given unto you!
May the Lord bless all His churches.

Credit: Dr. Dan

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